Create datasource on webservice in Oracle BI Cloud

Usually the first step in creation of a BI Publisher report is to create a data source. Oracle gives an option to create data source on many different kinds, for instance they are supported with JDBC, JNDI, File, LDAP, OLAP, Web Services and HTTP. The data source then created can be used to build data models to be used in the report. In this post, I will discuss data source creation on a webservice data source. One of the use cases of this data source is discussed in Create ESS Job in fusion for BIP Report. Below are the list of the steps to be followed.

  1. Click on Administration link on the main menu on Oracle BI Publisher

  2. Click on Manage BI Publisher

  3. Now you can create the data source from different types of sources. Among these click on Web Service Connection to create data source based on a webservice (WSDL file).

  4. This page shows the list of existing webservice data sources. Click on Add Data Source button.

  5. Enter all the required field values on Add Data Source page. Make sure that server address does not contain http. You can leave the port to 80 by default. You can enter authentication details in case it is present.
  1. This will create a web service data source.

5 thoughts on “Create datasource on webservice in Oracle BI Cloud

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    1. Rajesh Annamalai

      I created ADF BC web service and configured BI web service data source as on your blog. In Response the name space also coming. How to remove the name space in ADF BC web service.

      Click to expandns2:result [xmlns:ns2=/model/common/types/] [xmlns:ns1=/model/common/] [xmlns:ns0=] [xmlns:xsi=] [xsi:type=ns1:EmpViewObjSDO]
      ns1:CommissionPct [xsi:nil=true]
      ns1:Day [xsi:nil=true]
      ns1:DepartmentId (90)
      ns1:Email (SKING)
      ns1:EmployeeId (100)
      ns1:Experience (8)
      ns1:FirstName (Steven)
      ns1:HireDate (1987-06-17T00:00:00.0Z)
      ns1:Internal [xsi:nil=true]
      ns1:JobId (AD_PRES)
      ns1:LastName (King)
      ns1:ManagerId [xsi:nil=true]
      ns1:Pan (AGTRD7856L)
      ns1:PfNo (971548548963254)
      ns1:PhoneNumber (515.123.4567)
      ns1:Salary (24000)
      ns1:WebLink (
      ns1:WorkPlace (State of California)

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