How to create a SOA application

1. Start JDEV application.

2. Go to application navigator and click on new application.



3. Fill the details on the pop up like

Application name: User defined keyword

Application template: Select SOA Application

4. Click finish button.

With above configuration one new SOA application will be created under my work folder along with a default SOA project.

Note : Each SOA application has a “.jws” file which represents application. Each SOA project has a “.jpr” file that represents SOA project.

“.jws” file contains dependent jar details and active SOA project details.

“.jpr” file contains project dependent jar details.

Steps to close a SOA application in JDEV :

Go to application navigator and select the application to be closed.

Click on this icon and select close application.

Steps to reopen an application:

Go to application navigator and select open application -> browse the application .jws file in the popup and open.

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