Create ESS Job in fusion for BIP Report

In Fusion applications ESS jobs can be run on demand and as per schedules. These jobs are analogous to concurrent programs in Oracle EBS applications. There are many ESS jobs that are delivered as part of Fusion applications, and users can also create and run ESS jobs. The best part of ESS jobs in fusion is that they can be created very quickly following simple steps. In this post let me consider running a Cloud BI report that was already created by me. The reason behind considering Cloud BI report is that these reports are supported on many different kinds of data sources, for instance they are supported with JDBC, JNDI, File, LDAP, OLAP, Web Services and HTTP. The blog post Create datasource on webservice in Oracle BI Cloud details about creation of data source based on a webservice. ESS job can be created by following below sequential steps.

Figure 1 Process flow to create an ESS job in Fusion Application

  1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance

  1. Search for Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for {application name}

    For example, search with Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for Financial Common Applications

  2. Click on Go to Task column.

  1. Click on Create button to navigate to create ESS job page

  2. Enter Display Name, Name, path, Job application name. Select Job Type as BIPJobType. Provide report ID. To get the report ID, go to BI Publisher and place the report under /Shared Folders/ folder. You can keep it in any folder or it’s subfolders. Copy the part after /Shared Folders/ till .xdo

  3. Under parameters section click on create button, and enter parameters. Save and close the popup. Save and close the ESS Job page as well.

  4. Now you can run the job. Navigate to Scheduled Processes.

  1. Click on Schedule New Process. Select the job just created, enter input parameters and submit the job.

  2. Check the status of the job and analyze the output and log files.

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