How to bulk update Fixed Asset’s Serial numbers

How to bulk update FA’s Serial numbers

One of our customers wanted to update the serial numbers of 500 Units of Fixed Assets (Mass Update). Basically, there are two ways to mass-update serial Numbers- 1. FBDI and 2. REST API.

FBDI– Download file from here- Post Mass Update Descriptive Details ( You can fill following fields for all your fixed assets for which you need to update Serial numbers- ‘Transaction Group’, ‘Asset Book’, ‘Current Asset number’ and ‘Serial Number’ (NEW SERIAL NUMBERS which you want to update in the records)à generate CSV fileà Run ‘ Load Interface File for import’ and then run ‘Post Mass update Descriptive details’ àcheck status of updated serial numbers under Asset Inquiry.


Navigate to Postman

Click on + to create a new collection, rename your new collection, and add a new request.

Select Method as POST and enter endpoint (the first yellow part is a link to the Oracle environment and the green part is the endpoint available from REST API for Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials)

Select type as Basic Authentication and enter username and password.

Under HEADER, select Key and Value from the cURL command from the link-REST API for Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials

Under body enter this and click on SAVE:


  “OperationName”: “processTransaction-updateAssetDescriptiveDetails”,



Now run the collection by selecting from three dots

Select CSV file.

Click on RUN Bulk update. If you get code 201, then it’s successfully updated. Check on the Oracle environment under Asset Inquiry. If you get a response code starting 4 (401, 402) then there is an error from the client side i.e from our side and if you get an error starting from 5 (500,501) then there is a server-side error.

 CSV file should look like this- (here serial numbers are the new ones which will replace the old ones)


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