How I used DWS dimension SwifTest to ease the automation.


DWS is a leading provider of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Fusion Cloud Applications products and services. To support the Oracle application and users it provides below solutions-

  • Products-
    • DWS dimension FOCUS
    • DWS dimension SWIFTEST
    • DWS dimension LOADTEST
  • Services
    • DWS dimension ANALYZE
    • DWS dimension PROFESSIONAL
    • DWS dimension TEMPO

About the product DWS dimension SWIFTEST

DWS launches the Dimension SwifTest in 2020, which is specifically designed for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. It simplifies the test automation and test management.

How to start?    

Get the license – User will get the license from the official website.

Download the tools– User will receive the credentials and links, from where user can download the required tools.

  • Dimension Hub– The Hub is the analytical platform of DWS products. User can download the Swiftest application from hub. With the SwifTest Application user need to download and setup SwifTest Scheduler PodHQ and SwifTest Scheduler Pod Client.
    • SwifTest Scheduler PodHQ– It is used to manage scheduled tests. Also called SwifTest Server.
    • SwifTest Scheduler Pod Client– It is used to execute scheduled tests. Also called SwifTest Agent.
Dimension Hub :

Automating tests with SwifTest

In a few easy steps, SwifTest allows testers to automate their tests with complete documentation. As a result, user will save a lot of time and effort. There is also the possibility of detecting bugs at an early stage. Follow below steps and start automation.

Swiftest Menu list

1. Create a new Project

2. Create Scenarios

3.Create Test cases


There are many tools for automating, but SwifTest is customized specifically for Oracle cloud applications, and it seamlessly automates every aspect of your business.

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